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Despite Google’s Efforts, Counterfeiters Are Commonplace On AdWords

Should a company that includes the phrase “don’t be evil” in their code of conduct be expected to block counterfeiters from buying ads on their search engine result pages? Is it “evil” to sell AdWords to websites that are filled with copyright infringing photos? These...

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Yahoo Search Testing A Fixed Top Search Bar

Ruben Gomez noticed that Yahoo is testing a new user interface for their search results, which sticks the top search bar to the top of the page, no matter how far you scroll down the page. Here is a picture showing the scroll bar midway down the page, but the top search bar stuck at […]

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How Google’s New “Right To Be Forgotten” Form Works: An Explainer

Google has taken a big step forward in complying with the European Union’s new “Right To Be Forgotten” that was established after a court ruling earlier this month. The company has created a new form allowing those in the EU to request takedown of URLs they dislike. Removals will...

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Google Authorship Goes Down Again, Twice In One Week

Google Authorship is once again down for the count, second time within a one-week period. Authorship is the image you see next to the Google results of those who wrote the article, blog post or news story. Normally, Google’s search results are sprinkled with them, but now, no search results...

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Acquire New Skills & Find Inspiration – Attend the Search Engine Land Summit

You deliver results daily, but staying successful means identifying opportunities, implementing new technologies and processes, developing great people, and preparing for the next big thing. Invest a day in Search Engine Land Summit and hear from thought leaders in search and internet marketing...

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No, Google Says There’s Been No Penguin Update – Technology

google-penguin-featuredThis morning, I noticed a lot of buzz around a possible Google Penguin update. The SEO space was noticing huge changes in the search results from perviously penalized sites, many that were impacted by the Google Penguin update.

The Google Penguin algorithm targets sites trying to manipulate their search results through link building efforts that they deem as unnatural. This is not the manual actions for unnatural links but rather an algorithm that detects these types of links automatically.

A Google spokesperson told us at Search Engine Land, there is no Penguin or other spam efforts going on now. So this update, at least according to Google, is not spam related. In fact, Google made it sound like there was no update at all.

There were many webmasters talking about changes in rankings over the past 24-48 hours, independent of the Panda 4.0 update from a week ago. Most of them said the update impacted their sites that had Penguin issues. But not all were convinced that it was indeed Penguin related. But either way, many SEOs and webmasters noticed ranking changes.

Here is one graph from a site that had an algorithm penalty that recovered in the past couple days:


Other webmasters shared their analytics with me, showing huge changes in traffic as well. While others just claimed Penguin or other recoveries.

When I responded to some SEOs about Google saying there was no Penguin or otherwise update, some SEOs said they don’t believe it. Here are some tweets from SEOs:

Again, Google has claimed there was no Penguin or spam related update done around this time frame.

To learn more about this, see our Google Penguin update category.

Simtric Words: SearchCap: comScore Search Rankings, Google Rubik’s Cube…

by Barry Schwartz    Facebook Twitter Linkedin Google Plus

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google Search Results Snippet Overlay Descriptions May Use DMOZ Description

    About a year ago, Google introduced a new feature in the search results that give you quick overlays on the search result so that you can learn more about the site you are about to click on before you click on it. Early on, the results of the data in the snippet came from Wikipedia […]

  • Bid Simulator Now Available For Google Dynamic Search Ads

    If you’re running Dynamic Search ad campaigns in AdWords, you may have noticed the recent addition of the bid simulator tool. Bid simulator offers estimates of the potential impact bid changes would have on clicks, cost, impressions and more. The bid simulator for Dynamic Search ads is available at the campaign, ad group, auto target […]

  • Use Products As Pawns To Win The Local SEO Chess Game

    In the competition to rank highest in local search results, you must employ a number of tactics in coordination. It’s not unlike playing a chess game. However, many businesses have yet to bring all their chess pieces into play on the board. There are many types of products which consumers typically seek out in local […]

  • Rubik’s Cube Invention Celebrated With Google Logo To Mark The Puzzle’s 40th Anniversary

    Google went all out today to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube, giving the classic 80′s toy its very own interactive logo on the site’s global homepage. Doubling as digital version of the toy, the Rubik’s Cube logo will most likely prove to be a major time-suck as users across the globe try […]

  • Google “Mapping” Real World With Incredible Precision For Self-Driving Cars

    A fascinating article in the Atlantic appeared this weekend. It’s mostly about Google’s self-driving cars and how they operate technically. But it’s also about something much bigger: how Google is now effectively “crawling” the real world as it has crawled the web for years. The analogy or insight isn’t mine it’s the Atlantic’s. But it’s […]

  • Doodle Equality: In 2014, Google Features Women In Special Logos Nearly Half The Time

    If you haven’t noticed, the Google Doodle team — which creates those special Google logos — has been making up for lost time in 2014, adding significantly more women to the number of historic figures featured on Google’s various regional and global homepages. Now, nearly half the logos feature women. Google was called out in […]

  • Yahoo Likely To Slip Below 10 Percent Search Share Next Month

    When comScore releases its “May 2014 U.S. Search Engine Rankings,” we’re likely to see Yahoo’s market share slip below 10 percent. Today (in April) it recorded a 10 percent share, down 0.1 percent from March. Microsoft’s share was up 0.1 percent and so was Google’s. In July 2009 when the Microsoft-Yahoo search deal was first announced Yahoo […]

  • Special Guest Speaker Announced for MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference

    Technology is evolving marketing – and marketing management – at a breakneck pace. Marketers are in a race to understand the opportunities and effectively integrate marketing technology into their strategy and operations. At MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference, we’ll connect the dots between technical possibilities and strategic opportunities in the reshaping of modern marketing. Making […]

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Bing: Unnatural Links = Advanced Knowledge Of Links

On Friday, Duane Forrester from Bing posted his 10 SEO Myths and honestly, most of it was basic stuff, so much so that I missed a wowzer in there that Mat McGee caught and told me to cover at Search Engine Land, which I did immediately...

Business News: SearchCap: Bing Updates Android App, NameCheap’s New Domain…

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Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Bing Updates Its Android App With A New Look & Faster Performance

    Bing has rolled out a new look and feel for its Android app, claiming the updates make it more streamlined and “optimized for performance.” According to the announcement on Bing’s search blog, the app is faster than its previous version, and now lets users track their Bing reward points natively within the app. Bing reminded […]

  • Namecheap Upgrades Its Domain Name Search Interface

    Namecheap announced that is has upgraded its search functionality, aiming to streamline the process of finding, tracking and purchasing domain names. Now users searching for available domains on Namecheap are presented with a cleaner-looking interface, with domains placed into three extension tabs: Popular, New and International. Those tabs can be drag-and-drop reordered, and users can […]

  • After Killing SES, Incisive Media Seems To Think “OMG” & Tries To Bring It Back

    Incisive Media, which purchased the Search Engine Strategies conference when it was near the height of attendance, killed the brand entirely last year in place of a new ClickZ Live event. But now, after what seems to have been a disaster of the first ClickZ Live show, the company is scrambling back to revive SES. […]

  • Search In Pics: Remote Control Android, Google Self Driving Car In Parade & Android Soccer Ball

    In this week’s Search In Pictures, here are the latest images culled from the web, showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have, and more. Remote Control Androids At Google Offices: Source: Google+ Android Soccer Ball: Source: Google+ Google Ventures New […]

  • SEO Smackdown: Download Time – Machine Speed Vs. Human Speed

    Perceived download time is more important to searchers than actual download time. So why do SEOs focus on technocentric optimization strategies?

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Google: Google+ | Search Engine Land

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