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Bing Search Results Now Showing JSON-LD Support

The other week we reported that Bing added JSON-LD support for schema and markup. Well, now if you look at some of the Bing search results and see the markup…

Bing Now Supports JSON-LD For Schema

Jon Henshaw posted on Twitter that Bing now supports JSON-LD for Schema markup and structured data support. Search Engine Land received confirmation that Bing now supports JSON-LD…


A Complete Guide to JSON-LD by @@natalieannhoben

JSON-LD implementation is a way of adding structured data markup and is much easier than it sounds. Learn more about implementing JSON-LD in this post.

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Google: You Can Use Different Markup Formats For Structured Data

When implementing schema and structured markup, there are multiple formats you can use, such as microdata, RDFa, or JSON-LD…

Google Adds JSON-LD Breadcrumbs Support

John Mueller of Google confirmed this morning on Twitter that Google now supports JSON-LD format/schema for breadcrumbs.

Currently, the documentation for breadcrumb schema makes no mention of JSON-LD, but John Mueller said that will change…

A JSON-LD Schema Generator Tool Now Available

Joe Hall was cool enough to make a JSON-LD Schema Generator tool for SEOs. The tool is very easy to use, you pick what Schema structured markup you want for a specific page and then fill out the form to the best of your ability…

Google Officially Adds JSON-LD Support For Reviews & Products Structured Data Markup

As we expected, Google confirmed last night that they now support using JSON-LD for some structured data markup including reviews and product rich snippets.

Google Adds JSON-LD Support For Structured Data Markup

Now you can use JSON-LD for your structured data markup for products and/or reviews rich snippets in Google. Also make sure to validate your markup, as Google is now enforcing requirements.

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Google To Add JSON-LD Support For Rich Snippets

Google will likely be expanding implementation support for rich snippets through JSON-LD. John Mueller confirmed this on Twitter after a webmaster said he saw websites using JSON-LD to power their product reviews rich snippets…