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Google Crawl Stats Report Includes HTML, Images, PDFs & Even AdBot Crawler

Mihai Aperghis asked Google’s John Mueller about the Google Search Console crawl stats report asking if it includes data on just HTML pages or also images, PDFs, etc…

Google: Technically 404s Do Use Up Google Crawl Budget

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter the other day that crawl budget is technically used when Google tries to access 404/410 page not found URLs…

Google Crawl Limit Per Page Now Couple Hundred Megabytes

Last time we reported this, I think, was when Google was able to crawl 10 megabytes per page. Well now that is up to a couple hundred megabytes per page.

Screen Shot: Reduce Load Time & Increase Google Crawl Budget

We’ve been talking a lot about Google crawl budget recently but here is a tweet that Google’s John Mueller retweeted from Twitter Rasmus SÃ’rensen where he said he was able to reduce his load time on his server by 50% which resulted in his crawl budget “exploding…

The META NOINDEX Tag Doesn’t Save Your Google Crawl Budget

This is a pretty obvious SEO question for most of you – but hey – Google’s John Mueller confirmed that using the meta noindex tag on your site will not help you save your crawl budget.


Google Crawl Data Report For Apps Now Updated Every Few Days Vs. Daily

Google has quietly posted on their data anomalies page that they have changed how often they update the “Crawl Status” report in the Google Search Console specifically for apps.

They went from updating the data on a daily basis to updating it every 3-4 days in batches…

Google Crawl Rate May Change With CDNs Because GoogleBot Needs To Learn

The other day we reported that Google is seeking information from those who switched to CDNs and saw GoogleBot crawl rates change. Google’s Gary Illyes said then “if you switch to a cdn and your crawl rate drops…

Google Crawl Errors For Apps Report Now Updated In The Search Console

As expected, even though it took so long, Google finally announced on Google+ that they have revamped the Crawl Errors report for Android Apps in the Google Search Console.
Google said they updated and simplified the app crawl error types…

Google Crawl Limit Per Page: 10 Megabytes

Google’s John Mueller said in a Google Hangout this morning on Google+ at the 31:25 mark that Google will crawl up to about 10 megabytes per page.

So if you have pages larger than 10 megabytes, make sure the content on the page is crawled within the 10 megabytes part…

SearchCap: Google AdWords Value Alerts, Google Crawl AJAX & Google Reading Level Dropped

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

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