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How to Use Facebook Page Insights Like an Expert by @AdamHeitzman

Make the best out of your Facebook business page with the help of Facebook Insights. Here’s how.

The post How to Use Facebook Page Insights Like an Expert by @AdamHeitzman appeared first on Search Engine Journal.


How to Use Facebook Page Insights Like an Expert by @AdamHeitzman

Make the best out of your Facebook business page with the help of Facebook Insights. Here’s how.

The post How to Use Facebook Page Insights Like an Expert by @AdamHeitzman appeared first on Search Engine Journal.


10 Effective Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Fans by @krisjonescom

The more Facebook Likes, the better social signal you will provide to your customers, prospective customers, and also industry associates. Here’s how to garner more Likes on your Facebook page.

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Facebook Page Call-to-Action Buttons Get Big Update by @DannyNMIGoodwin

Some big changes are coming to the way call-to-action buttons work on Facebook Pages. Facebook is also rolling out a new business recommendation feature.

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9 Ways Content Marketing Can Save Your Doomed Facebook Page by @LarryKim

Facebook has announced starting January, they will be ramping up efforts to inflict even harsher punishments on brands for posting too much promotional content. Facebook’s raising the bar by including posts pushing users to enter contests or sweepstakes under the umbrella of practices worth penalizing. Facebook-baiting (blatantly asking for clicks, likes, and comments) and spammy strategies won’t cut it anymore. Making Facebook work for businesses is getting harder each month. Facebook has been slaughtering organic post reach for brand pages, which has made getting your posts in front of Facebook users akin to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. There is some glimmer of hope […]

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How a Facebook Page Grew Their Organic Reach 219% in 30 Days by @shortstackjim

If you’re a business on Facebook, there’s a good chance you’ve been fighting the organic reach battle. In the last year-and-a-half, Facebook organic reach has gone from around 16 percent per post to as little as 1 percent per post. To give you an example of the effect on businesses, my company’s Facebook Page has 74,000 fans. About a month ago, my Facebook manager, Sara, reported to me that we were averaging around 200 reach per post. There are some companies who give up and delete their pages, but I think that’s a mistake. Facebook is still a huge referral […]

The post How a Facebook Page Grew Their Organic Reach 219% in 30 Days by @shortstackjim appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Where’d Everything Go? Navigating the New Facebook Page Redesign by @thebigdebowski

The new Facebook business page redesign finally made a major rollout last week. While it doesn’t appear to have yet transitioned for 100% of fanpages, most have now crossed over. Of course, as with every major change, there is a period of adjustment and learning the ropes with this new layout. The Facebook page redesign altered the placement of a variety of options, both on the pages themselves as well as in the back-end for administrators. Many of us are still getting used to these changes and trying to figure out where some of our previous options have been relocated. […]

The post Where’d Everything Go? Navigating the New Facebook Page Redesign by @thebigdebowski appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Top 10 free ways to promote your website in style


When we think about starting a new business online, and creating a website for it, the first thing that comes to our minds is how are we going to promote it online. Internet is filled with thousands of options (good or bad) to promote your websites online, but the trick is to choose the perfect combination of options to help your website soar above the competition.

If we keep trying all the options, we will end up in a mental asylum :p And, choosing the right combination of options is the hardest thing for any webmaster or website marketer. And that is why, i have come up with the list of ways (or tools) you must use to promote your website, fast and steady.

So, without any further ado, lets quickly jump on the following ways to promote your websites in style:

1. Search Engine Optimization: The word SEO scares those who don’t know how to do it, and bores those who know a bit about it. But those who know how to do it right finds it very interesting.

So, if you don’t know the right way or approach to do the SEO of your website, please do read this article. This article tells you the quickest ways to boost the search engine rankings of your website.

2. Instant Do Follow Social Bookmarking websites: Social Bookmarking refers to sharing your website’s (or webpage’s) link with other users (of the bookmarking site) to help it get some visitors. In addition to the instant free traffic, you will also gain valuable backlink (only if the bookmarking sites allow do follow links) for your website that will help in improving its search engine ranking.

Just type the following words in your google’s search box to find the list of bookmarking sites: “Instant Approve Do Follow Social Bookmarking websites”.

To know why Social Bookmarking is so vital for the success of your new website, please do read my article on it.

3. Facebook: If your website don’t have a Facebook Page, create it instantly. With over a billion active users, you can’t imagine the amount of traffic you can get from Facebook Promotion, if you did it right.

After creating a page, the next thing is to get the users to follow your page. Ask your friends and family members to not just like your page but also promote it among their friends and family members. This will help you get instant likes on your Facebook Pages and will start a new source of traffic for your websites. In addition to this, you can use websites like Likes4Likes and Traffup (section still not activated) to get free Facebook Likes.

Now, share all the important information about your website, or its current news and posts on your Facebook Page. You can also share motivational and funny quotes on your site to increase interaction with your followers. For example, you can check out the Facebook Page of Traffup to know what i mean.

4. Twitter: Just like Facebook, Twitter Marketing is one of the best ways to get viral traffic on your website (if done properly). Your website must have a Twitter Profile.

Getting twitter followers on your profile is one of the easiest things to do. You can use the websites like Traffup and Twiends to plan your Twitter Marketing. Traffup is much better then Twitter because it not just helps you get free twitter followers but also gives an option to promote your tweets among millions of users, free of cost.

However, to retain the followers you get with the above sites, you must make sure that twitter profile is updated regularly. Make sure that you have an attractive profile (and background) image. Also you must share the current news and posts, about your website, on your twitter profile.

5. Reddit: Reddit is one of the best Social Bookmarking websites to get a lot of visitors on your website, instantly. Although not as massive as Facebook and Twitter, but it is immensely popular among social marketers around the world.

All you have to do is to share the link of your website (or webpage) under appropriate category to virally promote it among other Reddit users. However, do make sure that your content should not sound like an advertisement. Reddit members hate advertisements and paid promotional messages. Your content must be entertaining or useful to gain instant popularity among Reddit users.

6. Traffup: Traffup is a known name in the area of website and twitter promotion. We have already talked about how it helps you in promoting your twitter profile and retweets among million of users, now lets talk about its website promotion capabilities.

Traffup brings instant free traffic on your websites, in mere seconds. And no, it doesn’t provide bot traffic, at all. All the visitors that you get from Traffup are genuine and real. All you have do is to submit the link of your website, or webpage, and in few minutes you will start receiving visitors on your website. You can promote upto 10 websites or webpages on Traffup (at one time).

To know how to effectively submit your website on Traffup, to get maximum eyeballs, please do read my article on it.

7. Like4Likes: It is a very cool website that provide you array of options – facebook likes, twitter followers, google plus, twitter retweets etc. Like traffup, it also enjoys a good user base. But, why didn’t i place it above Traffup? Good question. Because other than its Facebook likes and Twitter followers section, no other section give satisfactory results. For example, there were just 5 tweets in the retweets promotion section of Like4Likes.

On using both Traffup and Like4Likes, side by side, you will tend towards Traffup because of the quality browsing experience and structured design. Also, it uses the official Twitter App, rather than hit-and-miss formulas of L4L. But still, L4L helps you get facebook likes, and traffup is yet to come up with this section. And that is one solid reason to use L4L.

8. Internal Linking: We sometimes get so obsessed with the external links that we normally forget about strengthening our internal linking. The best thing about internal links is that you can control everything about them – from anchor text to the link URL. It is one of the most underrated ways for link building.

To know how to do the internal linking of your website, please refer to my article on Internal Linking and SEO.

9. Physical Promotion: We all buy Google or Facebook Ads at very hefty prices, but we never think about placing an advertisement in newspaper for our brand or services. I understand it would give it a limited reach, but trust me it will provide you a better pay per click rate than what you get in Google Ads.

For mere $10 (or Rs.500), you can promote your website or brand in classifieds for 3 full days.

In addition to this, you must also get your ‘website address’ printed on your visiting cards. And do make sure to distribute it among your clients and prospective users to gain windfall traffic. Trust me, this method works like charm.

10. Create a blog: Now, don’t misunderstand me. What if i have to promote my own blog? Should i create an another blog for it, you may ask. No!

Instead, this point is all about ‘content creation’. So, if you are looking for ways to promote your own blog – then write unique, fresh and entertaining content on it. It will help you to grab maximum eyeballs and possibly, back links.

So, your websites (or blogs) definitely need a lot of good content (original, informative and entertaining content relating to your website’s domain) to survive online.

That’s all for today, guys. In case, if you want to add your own points to this list, do post your valuable comments below.

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