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Google Search Console Message: Fix Long Page Titles

Casey Markee shared a screen shot of his inbox showing how he had repeated notifications from Google Search Console telling him to “fix long page titles” on a website he has verified access to…

Google Authorship Is Dead, Author Rank Is Not: A Interview With Casey Markee

At Pubcon 2014 in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to chat with Casey Markee of SearchEngineNews.com about Google Authorship. More specifically — the end of Google Authorship and what’s going to happen next. The topic of authorship and establishing authority has been a hot topic for quite some time in the SEO world. Understandably that led to some concerns when Google recently announced the end of Authorship. I started off by asking Casey if Google Authorship is officially dead. Hear his response, and his predictions for what’s to come, in the video below. Here are some key takeaways from […]