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Kielbasa and Potatoes Recipe #15MinuteSuppers

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I’ve been making this dish for as long as I can remember.

kielbasa and potatoes 15MinuteSuppers

Someone asked me for my recipe for kielbasa and potatoes a while back and I was a little flustered. This has always been one of those dishes that really doesn’t need a traditional recipe…but it’s still a dish worth sharing.

This has spent years at the top of my family’s favorite dinner list. Kids and parents alike enjoy it because it’s tasty and I love it in particular because it’s SO easy to throw together.

I’ll share the “recipe” with you tonight…but I promise you: once the IDEA of this easy dinner recipe is in your brain, you won’t need to fall back on the recipe (wait, does that mean this post will be useless after today??). You’ll be hooked on how easy it is!

kielbasa and potatoes 15MinuteSuppers

Kielbasa and Potatoes #15MinuteSuppers


  • 1 package (12-16 ounces) kielbasa or smoked sausage - any variety works
  • About 6 potatoes (I recommend about one potato per person), cut into bite-sized pieces (I like skin-on)
  • Beans or peas or edamame
  • Optional: 1/2 onion, chopped
  • About 1 teaspoon Italian seasonings
  • Salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Place cut potato chunks into a large pot of boiling water. Boil potatoes for 5-8 minutes, or until just under-cooked.
  2. While the potatoes are cooking, slice smoked sausage/kielbasa. Saute sausage in a large sauce pan over medium heat.
  3. Scoop slightly undercooked potatoes into sauce pan with sausage. Add a small amount of water (1/4-1/3 cup) from the pot of water into the pan. Stir and cover. Cook, covered, for 3-4 minutes.
  4. Uncover and add your vegetable of choice. Add Italian seasonings; sprinkle generously with salt and pepper. Stir and saute until water is evaporated and potatoes are soft when pierced with a fork.
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Cha Seung Won Will Be Making TV and Movie Comeback at the Same Time

With the news of Cha Seung Won making a TV and movie comeback, the expectations of his fans are rising.

On May 7, Cha Seung Won will be making a comeback through SBS’s new drama, “You’re All Surrounded.” “You’re All Surrounded” is based on the Seoul Gangnam Police Station where it shows how the four members of the “Visual Police” mature through many comedic situations. In the drama, Cha Seung Won will be playing the role of Seo Pan Suk, who is the team leader within the investigation department. He is planning on showing his charismatic yet comedic side.

The last time Cha Seung Won appeared in a drama was in 2011 for MBC’s “Greatest Love.” Including “Greatest Love,” Cha Seung Won was always the center of attention in every drama he appeared and through this upcoming drama, he is planning on continuing that legacy.

During June, you will be able to see him in theaters. Cha Seung Won has reunited with director, Jang Jin, after six years and is planning on meeting his fans through the movie, “High Heels,” which is a sentimental noir.

It has been 3 years since he made a comeback through a movie. Last time he appeared in a movie was in 2010 when “Into the Fire” was released. Originally, the filming for “High Heels” finished last year, but due to many circumstances, it has been decided that it would be released this year.

On May 2, the teaser trailer for “High Heels” was released where Cha Seung Won’s funky visual was shown, gaining the attention of many. “High Heels” is a story about a detective named, Ji Wook, who decides to search his true self that he wasn’t able to tell anyone. Unfortunately, right after he makes his decision, he is involved in an important case where he is unable to turn away from his fate.

For the poster of “High Heels,” the various color tones catches the eyes and the dialogue, “In the end, she died within me,” raises the curiosity of the movie. Also, his sad expression while on his knees adds on to the curiosity.

Last summer, due to the issues he had with his son, he stopped all activities and took time off. With the thought of being able to see Cha Seung Won through a drama has raised the interest of many.

Many are hoping that his comeback during May and June will be hit and that will help him recover from what happened last year.

high heel

Learning The Intricacies Of Search Engine Marketing

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Look through previous e-mails and comment boards to locate tips for fresh posts. Switch every problem you previously answered within an email into content on the site. Understand that the way to raise search engine rank is to consistently create new articles. Your emails possibly give plenty of issues that visitors need to know about.

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What Makes a Portrait Great

By: Illustrator SEO
Submitted: 2014-05-02 06:28:21 | Word Count: 540

Portrait painting has had a long and colorful history but in the end, it has endured. With numerous awards granted to many a talented portrait painter, aspiring artists now have a chance to be part of the select few who have had the good fortune to be recognized for their work. Here are a few choice tips to help your portrait painting stand out and get a better chance at becoming one of the greats.

Create a certain flow
There were numerous masters who made great use of rhythm and this compelled the viewer to keep looking at their work. Decide on a focal point

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You may have more than one focal point and once you know what they will be, you will have to do a good job contrasting shadows and lights in those parts to make sure that they are truly focal points. Eyes are often the focal point of many portraits but you need not limit yourself to them. Remember not to overdo contrast and detail in areas that are not meant to be focal points.

Find something that will interest the viewer
The fact that it's a portrait does not excuse you from including something of interest that will catch the looker's eye. Portraits are, more often than not, focused on the head but don't cut it off at the neck, either. Add some hands or an accessory that has complementary colors. You may even add jewelry to the subject's hands to add more texture and color.

Keep an eye on proportions and perspective
Portraits typically follow a design called the pyramid. A good example would be the Portrait of Elizabeth Throckmorton by Nicolas de Largilliere, or the Mona Lisa. Depending on the angle of the painting, the weight must be appropriately distributed; otherwise, the portrait will end up a caricature more than anything else. Resist the urge to make drastic alterations and try to stay true to the subject's likeness.

Space is your friend
The more emphasis you want to put on a subject, the more space you should leave around them. This is especially applicable to smaller individuals, such as children. However, you must be careful to keep things interesting when it comes to colors because a lot of space requires a lot of attention. Along that note, if you are trying to make a subject seem large and dominant, leave just a little space above their head to make sure they take up most of the portrait's space.

While it may be difficult to find a tried and true recipe for amazing portraits, there have been lots of books written on the matter, as well as people who claim that they have found the secret. The bottom line is this: no matter how much you read and study, there will be no better teacher for you than experience. Keep practicing your art and you will eventually find your own brand of portrait painting that is both memorable and exceptional.

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What You Should Expect From A SEO Professional

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What was your starting salary after college?

Originally Posted by bruce negro View Post

I'm at a public university non-target with a 4.0 GPA and experience working in wealth management and bank treasury focused in fixed income securities.

I'm anticipating the analyst offer due to the nature of summer analyst process; the vast majority of bulge bracket firms (Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, etc.) hire nearly 99% of their analysts from their summer analyst class or poach them from a competing bank's summer analyst class. Essentially, once you're a summer analyst, it's your job to lose. Therefore, barring I make any serious errors on the job, I'm expecting a full time offer by the end of the summer.

Nice. Best of luck man. 

Do summer analyst usually get any actual deal experience? How'd you get the summer analyst position did you just apply or did you have a foot in the door through a connection you'd made at one of your past jobs or internships?

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Seo Elements That Search Engines Like

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Insomnia #5001

I do not want to think about what the situation requires anymore I do not want to think about Ruin’s complexity anymore at least for a minute I step aside and imagine being far away from this place what if in this case courage means something different than what it usually means what if it means a refusal to give in to the fatigue I am tired a starling quietly forages for food near the road pebbles from the gravel alley are strewn about the cement on one side of the rusting chain link fence that runs along the east side of her apartment building all the farness gathered will be there for me to hold a place where my treasures are being kept a song will hover close then shy off then creep near waiting to be grasped I will recognize it but not enough to name it which is generally how it goes with me in spite of my reputation I sit down and I listen to the perfect aloneness around me the hardened edges around my ligaments and bones painfully stiffen with a rigidity that is akin to the grace in dead trees and how they decompose I flash for a moment into a version of my former self I am once again flooded with a recollection of the countless shapes Isabel’s small female hand once made to explain to me what she once needed me to understand the warm breeze adheres to my bristly face and wet hair and my lips that are full of a hunger and a need to laugh I have come to believe that Ruin sheds a little light the way she now places a damp morning reflection on me with her presence next to me sleeping she has chosen this by not choosing and I will help her in her unbelief with a practiced and familiar silence that I know I can embody the kind she will accept without question she will for a time cease clinging to what hurts like the brown-ness in a blade of grass no longer bears the sun I remember the way the blind girl who visited my third-grade class perceived all of what she could no longer see full of restraint and detail how she was cherished for the habits for which she must have cared so little how she found a comfort in the very thing that betrayed her I do not know if I am getting lost I lie next to her and remember the woods on the edge of the city looking deep into their fragrant depth not knowing for what I am tired I do not want to dwell anymore on the endless possibilities that will never manifest themselves under the current circumstances under which I am alone I sift among all the current detritus from the pebbles to the blind girl’s long skirt and all the times this has happened to me before now and do my best to keep from thinking about why it is now happening to me here