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Big rush to buy up a piece of city’s tallest home

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A $100 million proposal to build the city’s tallest residential tower is one step closer to reality following a bumper week of sales. [Link to media]…. Published: 18/May/2014 11:39am in Adelaidenow

1 A piece of history hits home
At last, a Burke and Wills story with a happy ending. As Heckler reported last week, a revolver owned by Robert O’Hara Burke had surprisingly turned up for auction in Ireland – and we are pleased to r…
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2 A piece of history hits home
At last, a Burke and Wills story with a happy ending. As Heckler reported last week, a revolver owned by Robert O’Hara Burke had surprisingly turned up for auction in Ireland – and we are pleased to r…
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3 Piece of original Eureka flag comes home
5:06 AM…
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4 Piece of original Eureka flag comes home – Ninemsn
Piece of original Eureka flag comes homeNinemsnIts owner calls it “a little piece of rag… a bit of rough blue cloth you wouldn’t want anywhere near your skin”. 9RAW: Diver stuck in shi…
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5 Chelsea defies City’s home form
Chelsea defied Manchester City’s scintillating home form with a victory at the Etihad Stadium that injected fresh intrigue into the title race. Match stats: Jets v Wanderers–> Camp new: Barca u…
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6 Chelsea robs Man City of home comforts
CHELSEA has defied Manchester City’s scintillating home form with a superb 1-0 victory at the Etihad Stadium. [Link to media]…
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7 Chelsea shatters City’s home streak
MANCHESTER CITY is held scoreless for the first time since 2010 as a Branislav Ivanovic rocket seals Chelsea’s 1-0 win. [Link to media]…
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8 Chelsea shatters City’s home streak
MANCHESTER CITY is held scoreless for the first time since 2010 as a Branislav Ivanovic rocket seals Chelsea’s 1-0 win. [Link to media]…
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9 Man City home expands to more than 60,000
Manchester City’s home stadium is getting an extra 14,500 seats for a capacity of more than 60,000, the second highest in the EPL behind Old Trafford.    …
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10 Strange Bedfellows: Midnight City Announces ‘Costume Quest 2′, ‘Gone Home’ For Consoles
Midnight City, the indie publisher founded and owned by Majesco (NASDAQ:COOL), has announced, in something of a coup, publishing rights to Costume Quest 2 and the console adaptations of the Fullbrigh…
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11 Capital city home prices surge according to RP Data – Rismark index
Australia’s capital city home prices surged 2.3 per cent in March, raising speculation of earlier interest rate rises. RP Data – Rismark’s Home Value Index shows capital city values are now up 10.6 p…
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12 Capital city home prices surge according to RP Data – Rismark index (ABC)
Australia’s capital city home prices surged 2.3 per cent in March, raising speculation of earlier interest rate rises….
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13 City home prices surge 2.3pc in March
Australia’s capital city home prices surged 2.3 per cent in March, raising speculation of earlier interest rate rises.RP Data – Rismark’s Home Value Index shows capital city prices are now up 10.6 per…
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14 Capital city home prices surge most on record according to RP Data – Rismark index (ABC)
Australia’s capital city home prices surged 2.3 per cent in March, raising speculation of earlier interest rate rises….
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15 The view from Adelaide’s tallest home
A SPECTACULAR video has been released to show what living on the 27th floor will look like in Adelaide’s tallest residential building. [Link to media]…
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A Lot Of Killer Hosting Advice – XPRESS LINK BUILDING

A website hosting provider is the bridge that allows people using the Internet to view your website. Before you spend any money on a hosting service, you should look at a few things to make sure the service you choose is a good fit for you. The tips in this article tell you what to look for when selecting between web hosting services.

Determine if your hosting provider offers the ability to run server-side scripts. Free websites often do not offer dynamically scripted pages as part of their free service. This will limit what you can customize on your personal pages. If your goal is to be creative, innovative, and unique, you might want to find a paid option instead.

TIP! Different hosts may have different features and add-ons like website builders or one-click installs of third-party content managers. As you compare your options, you should also take into consideration the expected service levels and support for each of the most important features.

Should you consider dedicated hosting? What about shared hosting? If your site is huge and complicated and you get a lot of viewers, shared hosting may inhibit your growth and advancement. You may be better off with dedicated hosting.

Select a web host that has infrequent outages. If a company faces frequent outages and is constantly making excuses, it is a red flag that they are unreliable, or they would have made plans to remedy the situation. If the host is frequently reporting downtime, move on.

When you register the domain name that you have chosen, be sure to do so with an outside company to be sure you can keep your domain name if you ever have to transfer hosts. If only your host controls your domain registration, you will not be able to use it any longer.

TIP! Service charges coming from hosting providers could be correlated to the traffic your site generates in some time period. Find out how your host is going to bill you: some hosts charge different flat rates and your site progresses from one category to the other as it gets more traffic, while other hosts charge you a different amount every month in function of your traffic.

When you are deciding on who to choose for hosting, pick a company that resides where your target audience is located. For example, if your audience is located in the U.K., ensure that your hosting provider has a data center in the U.K. as well.

What security precautions does the hosting company provide? Websites are vulnerable to a number of different types of attacks, making security a reasonable concern. Be absolutely certain your host has steps in place to handle any common threats like DDoS attacks. Find out what could happen to your site if a virus or hacker targets the web hosting service.

Web Host

TIP! To get a safe site, buy a certificate to get secure server status. You can add that button to your website and your visitors can click it and see that it’s a secure site.

Create a list of your needs ranked by importance before you start your web host research. Determine your needs and wants in advance and check how well each potential web host meets those needs. Using a priority list will prevent you from choosing a provider based on a single factor, like price, instead of shopping around for a host that meets more of your needs.

Are you contemplating a free hosting provider as a place to put your new website? Be sure to make backups of anything you do not want to lose, as free hosts normally do not offer any kind of backup services. Keep in mind that the service is free, so there will probably not be any frills included. The end result is you being out of luck should something disappear.

To avoid throwing away your hard-earned profits, choose your hosting provider very carefully. When it comes to pricing, a web host usually costs between $2 to $60 a month. Just be aware that the higher the price does not necessarily mean the better site. Many expensive ones allow more bandwidth, but you may not have less downtime.

TIP! Most web hosting companies already require that you backup your own data. It’s best to back up your own data because you can’t trust that their backups are going to be on a schedule, which will meet your needs if the worst happens.

Look for a hosting service that lets you have access to statistics and detailed information about your traffic. Add an outside visitor counter, and check the numbers this gives you with the numbers put out by the web host. You can benefit greatly from this information as a business owner, because it allows you to adjust your approach and tweak your site to maximize traffic.

If a hosting provider claims to offer a world of unlimited services and features, beware. For example, when a web host offers unlimited disk space, there might be limitations on the file types that are allowed. Unlimited bandwidth claims may simply mean a tiered rate structure. Always obtain all the information and restrictions with these plans, because unlimited is rarely truly unlimited.

Free Website Hosting

TIP! When selecting a web host, figure out which one will give you in-depth information and data about how many visitors are accessing your site. Put a counter on your site, and make sure it matches your web host’s numbers.

If you have financial restrictions, consider a free website hosting service. If you do so, you may have ads pop up on your web site, and you will not have as much space for your files. If you want a professional site though, avoid free website hosting.

As mentioned, website hosting is a necessary part of having your website on the Internet. If you want a pain-free experience putting up your site, you need to consider a number of factors to make sure you choose a web host that is well suited to your needs. Utilize the hosting tips given in the above article.

UN troops to defend staff in Somalia from Al Shabaab

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A special United Nations (UN) military force to protect aid workers has deployed for the first time in the war-ravaged Somali capital amid a wave of attacks blamed on Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabaab insurgents. [Category: Unrest, Conflict and War, World Politics, Government and Politics, Terrorism]…. Published: 18/May/2014 10:08am in ABC

1 Defend North Adelaide, Moran tells council staff
UPDATED: Adelaide City Councillor Anne Moran has hit out at council staff for failing to stand up against “vicious abuse” of North Adelaide residents. [Link to media]…
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2 UN staff shot in Somalia experts in piracy
The two UN staff killed in Somalia were experts in cash transfers and piracy, and were providing technical advice. …
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3 Sale lifts hopes of staff pay
A LIFESTYLE village owned by Tony Park, the director of a series of collapsed building companies, has been sold. [Link to media]…
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4 Packer shuffles staff at Crown
JAMES PACKER’S Crown has ousted the head of its Melbourne casino and handed control of national operations to Perth chief Barry Felstead. [Link to media]…
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5 Three-quarters of Fisker staff let go – Independent Online
Independent OnlineThree-quarters of Fisker staff let goIndependent OnlineLuxury electric-car maker Fisker, which has had financial difficulties for months, is laying off 75 percent of its workforce. T…
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6 NICTA lab staff claim sackings breached the law
A third of staff who lost their jobs at the national ICT research organisation’s Parkville laboratory will go to the industrial umpire.    …
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7 NICTA lab staff claim sackings breached the law
A third of staff who lost their jobs at the national ICT research organisation’s Parkville laboratory will go to the industrial umpire.    …
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8 Woolworths planking staff fired
Staff from Woolworths have been fired for planking after complaints from other staff at multiple sites across Australia. Woolworths has released a statement saying that the dismissals were not related…
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9 Synchrotron staff to strike over pay
Scientists, engineers and technicians are poised to take their first strike action over pay….
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10 Company has 20 staff on missing plane
A TEXAS tech company is in shock after 20 of its employees were aboard the Malaysia Airlines plane that went missing over the South China Sea.     [Link to media]…
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11 NICTA lab staff claim sackings breached the law
A third of staff who lost their jobs at the national ICT research organisation’s Parkville laboratory will go to the industrial umpire.    …
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12 ANZ Bank staff’s Mickey Mouse perks
ANZ bank spent $750,000 sending staff on a trip to Disneyland last week, at a time when it faces more pressure to cut rates. [Link to media]…
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13 Tesla’s Musk calls e-mail sent by sales staff ‘overzealous’
Elon Musk, the billionaire who leads Tesla Motors, called an e-mail sent by his sales staff last month ‘overzealous’ and said the wording wasn’t approved by the electric-car maker….
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14 Shop staff underpaid for five years
THE franchisee of four Subway stores in NSW has been fined and ordered to make restitution for underpaying “vulnerable” young staff. [Link to media]…
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15 Shop staff underpaid for five years
THE franchisee of four Subway stores in NSW has been fined and ordered to make restitution for underpaying “vulnerable” young staff. [Link to media]…
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Digital Agencies in London | How to choose one? :: MEKNOWPAUSE.COM LIF…

Selecting a London digital agency that will understand your commercial and marketing imperatives is not easy, for two principal reasons: either the digital agency focuses on your website’s design looks rather than its usability and search engine optimization, or the digital agency has considerable skill in creating a good website structure but lacks the expertise to fully exploit the latest online marketing techniques and opportunities.
Digital Agency London
London is the base of some of world’s top digital agencies spread across central and greater London. London, UK’s capital city has an industry and commercial buzz that continues to drive the creative, technical and marketing skills of leading London digital agencies.
Times may have moved on since Mr. Marks and Mr. Spencer first started out trading from their market stalls but that is what every website is today – a market stall or shop window. The question is; how can a company ensure that its market stall ends up in Oxford Street rather than on two wheels in Fulham’s North End Road?
The answer is to take a little time talking to your selected London digital agency whilst bearing in mind three key points:
? Jargon – the internet is full of jargon and much of it is spoken by those that only have a scant notion of its true meaning. If your digital agency overdoes the jargon, ask for plain English or, if in doubt, the door.
? Your terms – it is very easy for digital design agencies to dictate terms because much of what they do flies under your natural business radar. Set out your business stall, and include your timescale and budget, and make sure that the response from your chosen digital agency is wholly transparent.
? Achievements – you may have approached your London digital agency without any form of recommendation, therefore, it is doubly important to determine the true level of the agency’s past successes. Areas to consider include examining not one but several websites that have been created and are managed by your chosen digital agency.
Ask for facts and figures regarding Google ranking successes and the level of sales generated. Look at the industry sectors for which your London digital agency has worked and see where your organization could benefit from the agency’s previous experience. Finally, it’s important to determine that your London digital agency has an exemplary design and marketing approach that encompasses the following four points:
1. A consulting strategy that utilizes focus groups, analytics and competition benchmarking;
2. Development processes that include B2B andB2C Ecommerce;
3. Design that is in step with your current branding and company ethos; and
4. Marketing that is technically astute and recognizes the essential roles played by Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click, Keywords Research, Email Campaigns, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing and Link Building.
The key to business growth is to get it right online and keep getting it right, which is not easy in a fluid market and tough global economy.
GoBe Digital is the author of this page. If you want to know more about London Digital Agency, please try to visit this link
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Search Engine Optimization And Link Exchange

Here’s an overview of how exchanging links can improve our search engine ranking.

I believe Exchanging Links is one of, if not “the” best way to market your site online! Read below to see why.

Some people believe that in order to be successful online they have to direct thousands of targeted visitors to their site. TRUE
They also believe that they have to spend all their time adjusting the scripts and contents of their pages, to make the search engines spider them and rank them well. FALSE!

They believe that if they do this it will improve their ranking and automatically drive targeted visitors to their site by the ship load. Partly TRUE, but after viewing some server logs belonging to a top ranking (first 1 – 5 sites on the first page, in his niche)
I saw that only a small number of visitors came from search engines!
And the major majority of clicks came from reciprocal links.

It’s true that there are some quick and easy scripts and txt files etc… that you can place in all your pages, and on your server, that will guide the spiders to keep coming back and also guide them to index your pages, this doesn’t take long to do and I believe it helps a little. But the search engines are smart and always changing there systems so someone could work for weeks, too tweak a site for SEO, only to find out that the rules have changed again and their site is no where to be found! So focusing purely on SEO can be risky!

Should we focus on getting high ranking as a priority? Or should high ranking be seen as the result of other marketing and promotional strategies that bring even more visitors that are even more targeted.
The result of having more visitors being that our ranking will increase.
Not by using strings and mirrors to “fool” the search engines into thinking we have a great site, when really, we don’t have many visitors which is why we’re trying to trick the search engines, and don’t have great content or services, because the visitor has come to our site looking for some that we tricked the search engine into thinking that we had! This is like putting the cart before the horse.

If we focus on building a network of “reciprocal links” (that’s a link from you to someone and a link from them to you) we add valuable content to our users and we have other businesses in our target market niche, sending highly targeted and motivated users to our site.
The search engines like this because there are more sites saying, this is a good site, and every time those sites get spidered the bots find our link and keep on coming back to our site!

So that helps with search engine ranking, and driving targeted traffic, and adding valuable content.

We want our prospects, users, and customers to “bookmark” or save our site in “favorites” they will do this if they are interested in our “Niche” and learn that they can get all the information they ever need from our site. Of course they are more likely to read our newsletters and take notice of our promotions etc, on the home page.

If someone goes to Google and does a search, that person will find that most of the top ranking sites have a “Link Directory” this is a directory of reciprocal links. Doesn’t that tell you something?

Here’s another reason to create a link directory, when you create a directory it is created around sites that are related to your business market niche, therefore, when your site gets crawled by the spiders, they see that you’ve done their job for them, they also like this.

So to summarize:

Search Engine Optimization, is important, and helps to bring more visitors.

Link Exchanging, is important because it can drive more visitors then search engines, once established. Directories ad valuable content for your customers/visitors, and this it improves your SEO.

There are many other free strategies for promoting your online business; this is just an overview of two of them. Obviously another way to promote your business for free, is Article submissions, this is also one of the quickest and most effective free advertising strategies available online.
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Strategies That Get Your Website Noticed On The Internet

If you are in a situation where you need to get information about yourself or your business out there fast, there is nothing that compares to the speed with which information can travel over the internet. Many people, from CEOs to politicians, have found that the internet is a great way to make sure that their message gets across, and with a little bit of information regarding online advertising, you can do just that.

Advertising online has equaled, if not surpassed the ability of conventional media to get the word out, and more and more, people are discovering that optimizing their web pages in a way that will be attractive to the search engines is a great way to get some attention from the right people. Search engines like Google are becoming sophisticated enough that they are using a wide variety of criteria to make sure that they sites that the recommend first are precisely what their customers are looking for. Context, whether it comes in the format of articles or glossaries will bring your website to the attention of a wider audience.

Link building is another web advertising technique that is growing in popularity. When other websites link to your website without you linking back, not only will you see an increase in traffic from the sites that are linking you themselves, but you will also get an increase in your search engine rankings. Essentially, one of the measures that Google and the other search engines use to determine how worthwhile your site is and how many non-reciprocal links to your site exist. Though at first glance, it seems that link building is not something that you have much control over, it is important to realize the fact that there are many different ways of getting links back to your website.

Google Adwords pay per click advertising is another powerful tool that many businesses have found bring relevant and topical traffic to their site. Essentially, it takes advantage of the fact that people search using keywords. When you sign up, you select the keywords you think will be used by people who are searching for or are in need of your service. When the keywords get searched, a link to your site will appear on the sidebar to the right.

With pay per click advertising on Google Adwords, you will only pay for this service when someone actually clicks to the link to your site, making it much more worthwhile than other, conventional forms of advertising. For instance, if you take out an advertisement in the newspaper, you are spending a great deal of money but your ad is appearing to many, many people who have no interest in your services. With Google Adwords, you are taking advantage of the fact the traffic that has been directed to your site is interested in what you have to offer.

If you are in a position to work with web advertising, remember that it has many advantages over traditional forms of advertisement. Not so very long ago, a newspaper announcement or a paid commercial was the best way to get people’s attention. Now, no matter how small your budget or your operation, you’ll be able to compete in an open market.
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Step-By-Step Crucial Elements For the purpose of best web design company…

Hiring a working team and a associate is extremely very expensive specially if positive factors really are considered additionally, the other sorts of 60 minute issues which traditionally come up along with workers’. Delegating usually is less costly than using personnel to complete the job. Search engine optimizing link building programs is often rather really expensive likewise. Should your staff members are not ever a master there is the price tag to transfer them over too find guidance likewise.

Almost all seo website positioning organization’s also have had to bring about realignment for that option they will optimize, in summary ideas working hard in advance of when is no longer potent. It is just a quite hard outdoor activity to view and just guarantee you are usually buying the preferred here are two rather simple specifications to put into practice in order to pick your… to produce your blog post along with complete a improvement in order that you really have to inquire so, who they have already finished this to find together with is it powerful.

Using are a handful of elements which could confirm helpful when you are deciding on the right which could handgrip making a excellent online world awareness for many people providers by way of scouting in the sticking with elements,Website owner Boards This are probably the best places to find a good also recommended agency nevertheless, remain discerning anytime learning please note as only some images are totally reasonable. Irrespective of how providing feedback or perhaps even views may be, drive them having a touch of suspicion.

Unhealthy telecommunications competencies would be harmful this particular sector hence usually make a discussion or something that is to ensure that you increasingly becoming a corporation and that is in the position to certainly transmit adequately. That you can be capable to observe the way your internet site is going through, it is vital that you are looking for the exact search engine optimization prices index.php?a=stats&u=janinamelrose for the provision of individuals getting some sort of review. This process will want to consists of such things as your primary positioning and then charts that may help you visit your enhancement with the give good results.

Why WordPress Is Great For SEO In Kansas City

[NEW] KANSAS CITY 2016 - All Roads Lead To Here

Using WordPress For Your Own Kansas City Seo Company

It takes just a couple of minutes to Install WordPress and begin posting on it; but when it comes down to traffic, Search Engine Optimization should be your primary focus. While search engines learn toward favoring WordPress sites to some degree there is only a little work you’re going to have to put in to get their focus in the first place.

Don’t Forget To Make Use Of Helper Applications For Kansas City Advertising Agency

Constructing Inbound Links: We all understand how significant link building is for SEO. When you utilize WordPress, SEO isn’t as difficult and links that have been assembled in the right way will give an excellent result. Even though outbound links are crucial for determining the success of your WordPress website for SEO motives, you still have to make inbound links so that internal linking works for you. Look a little nearer, you will discover that the top sites out their link to their internal blog articles. Creating a strong internal linking structure will not only help your visitors with extra navigation, but will additionally create a strong impression on the search engines. The large search engines such as Google believe that building internal links is a needed condition for content sites.

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This is basically because internal linking building will lead to more of your articles getting consumed. Also, this may enable your page views to go up because the readers will obtain a map of where they need to go. Link to Other Quality Blogs: Having amazing content in your website is important but so is supplying your prospects with links to other outstanding sites. This doesn’t mean you randomly add the hyperlink everywhere, but instead it’s more about helping your readers get the most out of your content by linking to some great resource that is useful. Your confidence levels in your content shine through when you allow folks to see other web sites for more information about the topic you’re addressing. Search engines also see linking to authority sites as an optimistic indication and all you need to do is get the appropriate balance between great content on your site and outbound links that will take your blog into a whole new degree. Your readers will enjoy you when you help them out with quality resources, remember that.

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Slugs are a great solution to assist you discover the address of your WordPress article. When the various search engines see your site’s URL gets the exact same keyword as your personal page’s title, meta description including your content will see the webpage as being more consistent. Despite the fact that WordPress really does require a few of the heavy lifting from Search Engine Optimization for you it’s still important to put the keywords in your page appropriately. Using WordPress SEO in an effective manner consists of having the ability to utilize the proper plan at the proper time. The things that we discussed in this article will surely help you to get your WordPress site ranked higher and provide you with influence over the opposition in the event you do things the right way.

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In conclusion, for those who have a WordPress site, then it’s optimized better for SEO. Now, you ought to do whatever view suit to use this power for your benefit.

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The results you’ll see as a result of your Search Engine Optimization efforts for the WordPress website will be tremendously striking. Keep working on supplying superb quality content on your website along with developing a few favorable SEO customs and your site will be on the correct path for good things to come.

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Putting together a website in WordPress isn’t difficult at all because it basically is a plug and play solution with everything prepared to go. Certain variables will need to be adhered to if you would like to attain high ranks in the search engines, such as:

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Inbound Links: We understand how important it’s to build links for search engine optimization. When you employ WordPress, SEO isn’t as tough and link building that is done correctly will lead to success. Obviously, outbound links are needed for the success of SEO on your WordPress website, but you’ve additionally must use internal linking if you would like to find the most benefit from inbound linking. Look around and you will see that all of the major blogs have internal links on their sites. Creating a strong internal linking structure will not only benefit your visitors with extra navigation, but will additionally create a strong impression on the search engines. The more well known search engines like Google consider internal linking building to be a leading requirement for a website with content.

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This is because more people would read your content in case your internal link building plan is effective. Also, which means that you pages will get more views since your visitors are being led through your content. Outgoing Links to Outstanding Posts: Besides publishing great posts in your own blog, you might also want to provide your audience with interesting tips from other quality sites, which you can do through links. Do Not just put links in for the benefit of it, but make it flow naturally so you provide added resources that will improve the user experience. It reveals security on your own part and shows that you just believe in your content by letting your readers check out outside resources. Striking an excellent balance between outbound links and top notch information on your own website will take matters to a completely new degree, particularly since search engines consider it a fantastic matter when you provide links to authority websites. The more you help your readers by directing them to outstanding quality resources, the more they’ll enjoy you for it.

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Getting Your Pictures Search Engine Ready: Once you’ve began posting quality content to your sites, you certainly desire to add another dimension by enabling others to taste too and giving me guidance. Most important blogs includes a photo using their article that gives emphasis on the point the image is attempting to make. Thus, while you are uploading your pictures, make sure you have correctly prepared them for the various search engines from an SEO perspective. You really are a huge step ahead of everyone else from an SEO perspective, so you must take it a step farther by optimizing your images right. Correctly tagging your pictures with ALT tags and image names will provide an additional chance for some key word. Search engines adore images and folks will have the ability to find your pictures both by hunting through images as well as seeing how their site rankings increases after optimizing it for the search engines. Powerful WordPress SEO is all about taking the proper step at the right time. The suggestions that we discussed in this article will help you make a better ranking for your own WordPress site and give you an edge over the competition should you implement them the right way.

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In conclusion, if your site is a WordPress blog, then it is better optimized than most for SEO. Now, you should do whatever see fit to use this power for your benefit.

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The results you will see as a result of your Search Engine Optimization efforts on your WordPress site will be exceptionally striking. Keep working on providing excellent quality content on your blog along with developing a few favorable Search Engine Optimization habits and your blog will be on the right path for great things to come.

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Avoid Adwords Bid Prices Of $1.00 Or Above

You have a problem. You logged into your Google Adwords Account to discover that all your keywords are inactive and that you will need to bid $1.00, $5.00, or even $10.00 for these keywords. Unless bid prices in your niche market are that high by default due to high competition, you normally should not have to pay $1.00 to activate keywords. Your Google Adwords account has been flagged as not meeting the new Google Quality Score. You will need to address this problem accordingly to lower your overall bid prices and to avoid more problems down the road.

It can have several reasons why Google is adjusting your minimum bid prices. I got hit by the Quality Score myself not too long ago. I had recently started a few new Google Adwords campaigns and some campaigns just never got off the ground at all due to high bid prices required by Google. As a matter of fact I deleted these campaigns within a few hours after discovering the problem because there was no financial sense in keeping them active. These campaigns would not generate any clicks at the price I was willing to pay and Google deactivating all my keywords asking for up to $5.00 per click. Other campaigns of mine however enjoyed normal click bid prices. No punishment here. I reviewed the bad campaigns and I quickly realized that the landing pages and the site structure had a significant role to play. The campaigns that went bad right from the start were domains and websites with no real content. I had build 3-4 pages around the landing pages for the affiliate products I was trying to promote.

Doing more investigation I was able to determine the best approach for me. Using a domain name with existing pages in place and build a landing page matching the existing website design. The domains should be well indexed and preferably well-aged, too. However – certain key pieces needed to be in place, too. You don’t want to have your landing pages “offer” leaks where visitors (the ones you paid for) would be able to leave your sales page too easily. In my case I moved the default navigation menu from the top to the bottom of the landing page. In addition all links would now open in a new browser window leaving the sales landing page still open. I also added links to a sitemap, my “About me” page, (of course) the homepage, the “Contact Me” page. I also added links to a related product sales page (a copy of my landing page just slightly different using the second best affiliate program). The Adwords spider was able to enter my site and go several levels deep to check out the site structure. The main website also offered not just 4 or 5 pages, but at least 30-40 pages. I build new Adwords campaigns and with a little more fine-tuning I was able to avoid the high click prices and enjoyed reasonably priced costs per click.

Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself when building a good landing page for PPC campaigns:

Do you have an “about us” page?
Do you have a “contact us” page?
Do you have a “Privacy Policy” page?
Does the landing page have content matching your keywords?
Is the web page coded in Flash (=unreadable for the Adwords bot)?
Does the page have a link to your homepage?
Does the page have a link to the sitemap?

Conclusion: When building a landing page, build a landing website. Keep the visitor in mind. Would you feel trapped as a visitor with nowhere to go other than your affiliate product? Even though that is your actual goal, you will need to play nice and offer the visitor a good experience when he visits your website. If you follow the rules you should be able to reduce your cost per click easily.
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