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Google Gives No Comment On Pigeon Updates

On Friday we reported on a refresh of the local search results, after the major Google Pigeon update a week or so before. Google basically told us they have nothing to say on this and likely will not provide future details on local search algorithm changes.

Google Webmaster Tools Drops Author Stats

In December 2011, Google launched author stats, a way to see how your content, across sites, based on your Google Authorship profile, fared. That is now gone...

Google Quietly Removes Author Stats From Google Webmaster Tools Labs

In December 2011, Google launched author stats within Google Webmaster Tools, giving those who used authorship across sites, statistics on how well their content did. Author stats were unique in that it would show you how many impressions and clicks your content received not on a site by site basis...

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Bing Ads 2014 Recap

In the past year, Bing has added features like product ads, auto-tagging and online insertion orders to make it easier to advertise on the network.

8 Tools To Effectively Organize Your Link Building Campaigns

One of the most difficult parts of a link building campaign can simply be staying organized. Between gathering contact information, sending messages, making phone calls, reading responses, providing content… there’s a lot that goes into it! Plus, let’s be honest — a lot of things...

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Google News Publisher Center: Webmaster Tools For News Sites

Google Webmaster Tools already has special features for Google News publishers, like a separate view of the news indexing and processing details, as well as news specific errors...

Google Webmaster Tools Messages Shows Your Reconsideration Request Submissions

When you submit a reconsideration request, Google notifies you they received it with a blanket message in Google Webmaster Tools. Now, supposedly, Google will also show you a copy of your submission via the reconsideration request form...

Google Learn More About Links With Publisher Images

Just when we think authorship and publisher is dead, because Google dropped author images back in June - we see signs of maybe rel=publisher making some headway...

7 Essential WordPress Plugins for Content Marketing by @syedbalkhi

Many website owners spend a great deal of time planning an effective content marketing strategy. And with good reason. In this article, I will share seven great content marketing plugins for WordPress that will help enhance your site’s functionality and improve conversion. Edit Flow Edit Flow is the best WordPress plugin to manage editorial workflow. If you are planning your content marketing strategy, then having an organized editorial calendar is crucial. Edit Flow allows you to assign custom post status, leave editorial notes on posts in progress, manage your editorial calendar, and more. Even if you are the only author on […]

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