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New Google Product Feed Specs Going Live Sept. 30, Including A Mobile Landing Page Attribute

If you’re running Google Product Listing Ads, it’s time to revisit your feed. Google has updated the feed requirements for Google Shopping with several new attributes as well as some changes to existing content requirements. A new ‘mobile link’ attribute has been added to...

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Google Censorship Ruling in Canada Has Worldwide Implications

The Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled in favor of a company claiming a competitor stole its trade secrets and has issued a temporary injunction requiring Google to remove the competing company from its search results around the world.

Are Brand Mentions The New Links? by @egabbert

Over at Moz, Simon Penson just wrote an interesting post about a “Panda Patent” which may shed light on how Google will rank sites in the future, “using a ratio of links and mentions, or ‘implied links.’” With penalties flying and the value of the almighty link coming into question, could Google be looking for new signals of authority? We think so, but are brand mentions the answer? The relevant part of the patent is this: The system determines a count of independent links for the group (step 302). A link for a group of resources is an incoming link to a resource in […]

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Is Your Local Business Ready For Google’s Neighborhood Algorithm?

While doing some research in Costa Mesa, CA last week, I hit a Google test bucket that specified the East Side Costa Mesa neighborhood as my location in Search Tools: Google has long understood super well-known dense neighborhoods like SoHo, NY. But there’s a good reason why neighborhoods,...

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Amazon Fire Phone: Bing For Search, Nokia For Maps

The emerging consensus from the early “hands on” or “first look” reviews is that the Amazon Fire Phone has some novel and interesting features but that it doesn’t measure up, overall, to the iPhone or “true Android” devices. I’ve argued that Amazon...

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When Do You Add UX to Your Design?

It's not so much if you add user experience to your process, but when you add UX that makes the most impact. The key to success is focusing on solving a problem from the users' perspective, instead of the marketing or technology perspectives.

Remarketing Tips Born Of Years Of Experience

Retargeting is an awesome way to reengage traffic that hasn’t converted. Over the years, it’s evolved, and the tools have become more robust. With this development, we’ve uncovered some effective remarketing strategies. In this article, I’ll cover some ideas related to...

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Bing Ads Express Discontinued

Microsoft Bing announced they are shutting down the Bing Ads Express service because their customers need more granular controls when managing search campaigns...

Google Manual Action Over 302 Redirected Links

A WebmasterWorld thread has one webmaster claiming he received a reconsideration request rejection notice and in that notice...

Webmaster: Contacting Google Is Harder Than Storming The Pentagon With A Water Pistol

Disclaimer: You won't learn a new search tip or news item here but you may laugh and sometimes we all need to laugh...